Player Of The Year, Suarez and Xenophobia in Football



It’s that time of the year again, short lists are being written up, and the top players of the Premier League, look motionlessly towards one and other. The well earned title of Premier League Player Of The Year  is very much on minds of those, who on so many occasions have left pundits and fans a like speechless. With less than 9 games remaining, there are very little games left for each competitor to stamp his stance on the Premier League.

With Suarez leading the golden boot race, it seem inevitable that he’ll be one of the favourites for this years awards. With Van Persie also setting the league alight following his 24 million transfer from Arsenal to Man United, it would also be a surprise to see his name out side the short list. Both players have been in tremendous form this season, and with Suarez grabbing all the right headlines this season, most of the time,  it may just mean that the nefarious  Uruguayan may just pip Robin Van Persie for the title.

With both the FWA Player Of The Year and the PFA Player Of The Year awards coming up, it’s very hard for you to call the winner. In the PFA award, the last 5 of 7 winners have all been British. And in  the FWA award the last 3 out of 4 winners have all been British. To add insult to injury the last 10 winners of the PFA Young Player Of The Year, 8 of those have been British. See the trend?

Luis Suarez has single handily carried Liverpool through this season, with the lack of forward players at the club, and the injection of inexperienced youngsters, it’s hard to think anyone but Suarez carrying the team. His goals for a side, who look set to finish out side the top 6, is phenomenal. The little magician looks set to become the first player since Kevin Phillips, to be crowned Premier League Top Scorer,  while playing for a side that did not finish inside the top 4.

As we all know, Suarez hasn’t been far from the press, with his diving antics, hand balls, and racist slurs, he’s easily one of the many Premier League victims of xenophobia by the British Media. Earlier in the season Argentinian and Manchester City star, accused not only British Media outlets but British Referees’s of treating ‘homegrown’ players differently.

Cases of Xenophobia in Football
Luis Suarez was last season banned for 8 matches, after being found guilty of  saying a racist slur towards Patrice Evra. Suarez was not only ridiculed by the press, he was mistreated by the Fa.
John Terry, not to long later was also charged with Racism, this time he was punished with a 4 game ban. He was also not as widely ridiculed in the ‘British’ press.
Luis Suarez is labeled as a diver, and in actually fact, on more than one occasion he has dived.
Gareth Bale,  another ‘British’ player, has been booked more than anyone else in the Premier League for diving. Go figure.

With the statistic and facts been shown above it won’t be any real surprise if the ‘best player loses’. Luis Suarez could score 40 goals and still not get the Player Of The Year, if he did, it would be England conceding defeat, and that something we won’t ever see.


PFA Player Of The Year-Garret Bale
PFA Young Player Of The Year- Raheem Sterling
FWA Played Of The Year-Robin Van Persie

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2 Responses to Player Of The Year, Suarez and Xenophobia in Football

  1. In my opinion, Suarez would be lauded if it wasn’t for all his negatives, particularly the Evra racism row and his handball against Ghana. I think many took Ghana as their second team in that World Cup and that moment tainted Suarez’s image here permanently.

  2. soccerbrain says:

    That’s at the heart of their stuttering WC qualifying too. British exceptionalism, as in they invented the game, so nobody could possibly be better at it. Going into games unprepared and easing off at the half. I’m not a big Suarez fan, but he carries an awful load in dragging Liverpool up the standings, I can at least respect that ability. And that is quite the double standard for Suarez and Terry regarding the racism row,

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